The Morning After

Mental health disorder has been considered social stigma in eastern societies and our society is no exception to it. #Mentalhealth_matters

I remember the morning after,

I cracked open my eyes to just feel the scorching sun making me feel alive than ever,

But it wasn't beautiful,

I lifted my heavy head with all I had in me,

Lowered my eyes, just to find out that I was dead.

I was engulfed with numbness when I spotted slits on my soft wrist,

Slits long enough to shorten my life,

Even after I buried the demon six feet under the earth of my brain,

It still rose up to haunt me again.

I sat under showerhead, lifeless,

Staring at the water drops for as long as I remember,

When pattering droplets penetrated my dead skin,

I woke up just to realize,

That I will die again, tomorrow.